humble beginnings

In late 2016 I started planning a 3-week trip that would consist entirely of camping and this sparked the initial desire to purchase a rooftop tent. Having a pickup truck with no roof rack meant that I needed to find a way to mount the tent.

After searching for solutions, I quickly realized that the majority of the options cost almost as much as the tent itself. Even those more expensive options did little more than providing a solution to mount a tent itself.


I was looking for a rack that would meet all of the following: be able to mount a tent, not reduce fuel economy, have the ability to add accessory mounts, and not cost me a fortune.


I finally decided that the lack of Canadian options, meant it was best to build my own. So I found ideas of what I wanted it to look like and I built my first rack. It was basic but met all of my needs. After my trip, I quickly realized ways to improve on the design and built my second rack. 


Here we are - offering a Canadian made, quality built product at affordable prices.

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