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Should I add powder coating to my order?

Our answer to this will never change. If you want minimal maintenance and high durability, go with powder coating. Our powder coating partner uses a 2 stage powder coating process for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance. If you prefer to paint the rack yourself, just be prepared to stay on top of touch ups.

Is powder coating maintenance free?

As with any available coating, powder coating can wear away or be damaged. If damage occurs, a simple touch up with a small brush is all that's required. Ask us for our recommendation on touch up paints. PS - The aluminum rails on the bottom of rooftop tents can be particularly nasty on coatings. Be sure to install with a friend to avoid sliding the tent around on the bars (lift into position).

Do your bed racks work with tonneau covers?

Our fully welded, round tube bed racks have an optional tonneau cover compatible option when ordering. These brackets can work with or without a tonneau cover, so if you think you may get a tonneau cover in the future, be sure to add this option to your order. Our new modular bed rack provides some tonneau cover functionality out of the box without the need for added options.

Do your bed racks work with soft top covers?

Our standard options will NOT work with soft top bed covers. That being said, we have built racks to work with both top brands of soft top bed covers for various truck models. Measurements will need to be confirmed as we do not yet have a measurement list for all truck options. Tacoma owner? Click here

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