Ordering Info

Should I add powder coating to my order?

Our answer to this will never change. If you want minimal maintenance and high durability, go with powder coating. Our powder coating partner uses a 2 stage powder coating process for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance. If you prefer to paint the rack yourself, just be prepared to stay on top of touch ups.

Is powder coating maintenance free?

As with any available coating, powder coating can wear away or be damaged. If damage occurs, a simple touch up with a small brush is all that's required. Ask us for our recommendation on touch up paints. PS - The aluminum rails on the bottom of rooftop tents can be particularly nasty on coatings. Be sure to install with a friend to avoid sliding the tent around on the bars (lift into position).

Do your bed racks work with tonneau covers?

Our fully welded, round tube bed racks have an optional tonneau cover compatible option when ordering. These brackets can work with or without a tonneau cover, so if you think you may get a tonneau cover in the future, be sure to add this option to your order. Our new modular bed rack provides some tonneau cover functionality out of the box without the need for added options.

Do your bed racks work with soft top covers?

Our standard options will NOT work with soft top bed covers. That being said, we have built racks to work with both top brands of soft top bed covers for various truck models. Measurements will need to be confirmed as we do not yet have a measurement list for all truck options. Tacoma owner? Click here

Modular Rack

Why choose ORO's Modular Bed Rack?

Every part of our modular rack has been designed with the end user in mind. The highest wear parts of a bed rack are the load bars, as this is where your tent or cargo rests. We've selected anodized aluminum load bars to prevent the rust issue that is inevitable with steel bars. The t-slots on all sides of the load bars offer even more options! It's also shipping friendly, can be stored easily when not in use and can be shipped anywhere within Canada!

Do you offer other heights for the Modular Bed Rack?

As of right now, our 12" rack is the only height option. A 12" rack height keeps the vast majority of the tent below the roofline to prevent fuel economy loss, without completely obstructing your rearview mirror. If you're set on a different height, check out our round tube options!

What tonneau covers can work with the Modular Bed Rack?

Although we have not come up with an exhaustive list of tonneau covers yet, we can give you the information required to determine if your existing cover will work or not. Mainly, if the tonneau cover covers LESS than 1" of the top of each bed rail, you should have no issue mounting the Modular Rack with the tonneau cover. If you haven't bought a tonneau cover yet, we can definitely recommend some good options within a variety of budget options.

Do I need to pay extra for tonneau compatibility?

Absolutely not! An important point for us when designing this bed rack was to give our customers the best flexibility WITHOUT costing more! Our Modular Bed Rack will work with a good number of tonneau covers as is! See the next FAQ for more info.

Why do I see a Tri-fold Bracket option for $175 then?

Alright, you caught us... Unfortunately, there's no one-size fits all when it comes to bed racks and tonneau covers. We also understand that when you pay a dealership $1500~ for a tonneau cover prior to realizing you need a bed rack, you may not want to part ways with that cover any time soon. While we do consider these brackets to be a bit of a last resort, we still haven't sacrificed quality or strength with these brackets. They are as thick, or thicker than the competition. They are wider than the competitors, measuring 6" wide as opposed to the more common 3-4" which provides more surface area to resist bending. Why a last resort? You won't be able to open the tonneau cover while the rack is mounted. They will never be as strong as the standard brackets due to space limitations (can only fit so much material). To summarize - these will do exactly what you want them to do if you are set on keeping your factory, or aftermarket "on-the-rail" tri-fold cover. If you don't have a tonneau cover yet, or are willing to replace the cover, we are happy to suggest some cover options that work with our standard brackets.

Round Tube